SSRU Podcast Episode 2: Facebook and Civic DiscourseListen now (8 min) | In this second episode of my experimentation with orality, I consider the relationship between social media and public discourse. Facebook could do one easy thing in terms of standards that might go a long way toward stopping the infection that is spreading…
Post Game Analysis on My Most Popular Rhetoric Lecture on YouTubeWatch now (15 min) | A great chat I had impromptu this morning with my friend and colleague Matt about one of my rhetoric lectures that I have given…
This summer has been one of great travel and great ideas. I haven’t really been meeting my goals of doing regular videos or even regular writing, but…
The first debate event occurred over a weekend at a university. The directors of multiple debate programs met in person and online to discuss the year…
Not sure how you spent your Easter, but . . .
Initial reaction, context, and what's next for the Commission on Presidential Debates
Debate and Lacan's University Discourse
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